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Table 2 Family Planning Experiences and Intentions of Women and their Partners in HBAC Qualitative Pregnancy Study; Eastern Uganda, 2006-2007

From: 'Pregnancy comes accidentally - like it did with me':reproductive decisions among women on ART and their partners in rural Uganda






Reasons for changing methods

Experiences with method

Reasons for decision


Injections: side effects

They were giving me problems. I was bleeding till the end of the month (woman who is not pregnant with 0 children)

Injections: good

...using for ten months now, and I feel okay and it works ....because they told me it has no side effect. I do it without letting him know. He only learns later (woman with 2 living children, not pregnant)

Injections: fear of pain with TL

My friends say when they were operating her she felt pain and so I do not want to go in for it. Am considering the use of injections as I think I cannot forget and it cannot strain me at all.(woman with no children)


Injections: cost

I went when to some clinic in Mukujju centre and they told me to pay money. Well I had to pay but it became a challenge as time went on in that I could not get the money at the exact day I was meant to go. And so I missed and then left it at that. (pregnant woman with 3 children)


Condoms : male partner rejection

I tried the condom but the man does not want it that is why I have now opted for Tubal-ligation. (aborted with 3 children)

Condoms: good

Everything is fine. We have never realized any thing bad or disturbing. Actually we got used to them to extent that it has become the normal way of having sex.


It is just the condoms and nothing else. I am proud to have succeeded in my strategy of using the condoms every time we have sex. I actually ensure that he has the condom on before we proceed (woman with 3 living children)


What I wanted was to stop because my husband at times you can agree with him to use condoms, then at a later stage he refuses and he starts beating me all the time (pregnant

woman, 2 living children)

I feel proud because I can live healthy, not infecting my husband yet very sure of not increasing the number of children we have. (3 children + 3 non-biol children, not pregnant)


Tubal ligation: permanence

It is good because you do not get pregnancies like this one. The best is TL because there is no way you can get back to a situation as bad as mine. I am looking forward to delivering and having the TL done. I do not have time to listen to any other method. (pregnant; 3 living children)


Injection: side effects

My wife told me that she used an injection and it interfered with her cycle of menstruation. At times she would get this flow for a long time. I personally did not like this. (man whose wife delivered; 4 living children, 2 deceased)

Injection: good

She is using Depo injection and she has used it for almost one year now. Before she started using it, she was fat and now as she is using it, she has started losing weight. (man with 1 living child, 4 deceased, delivered)


Condom; lack of access

we were using but they got finished and this later created this pregnancy (man whose wife aborted; 6 living children)


We agreed on using condoms whenever we have sex until we die. I had even never seen a condom before. But because the counselor told us the necessity of condoms, it became something admirable (man whose wife is not pregnant; 3 children)

Condom-limitations of injections

I was told that also the injection may expire at a certain time and we discover that she is pregnant. That is why the doctors now advised that we be using condoms. (man whose wife delivered; 6 living children)


Tubal ligation: permanence

the burden of looking after the children, re-infecting ourselves and not wanting to risk having another child who is positive. (man whose wife is pregnant; 3 living children, 2 deceased)


We chose tubal ligation because it is permanent, there is no need to get to another one that needs to revisit it after a time. (man whose wife is pregnant; 6 living children, 2 deceased)