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Table 1 Reasons for delay in seeking health care in Asembo and Gem areas of Nyanza, September and October 2005

From: Care seeking and attitudes towards treatment compliance by newly enrolled tuberculosis patients in the district treatment programme in rural western Kenya: a qualitative study

Reason for delay (Number of participants)*
Thought symptom not serious/normal cough (17)
Lack of money (9)
Not encouraged by family (2)
Health provider refused me care and asked me to go to another facility (1)
There was nobody to leave my baby with (1)
Didn't have time to go (1)
Don't like long queues at health facility (1)
Don't like ways the nurses talk to patients (1)
There was nobody to relieve me at my place of work (1)
I was alcoholic (1)
  1. Numbers in parentheses show the number of patients attributed to the reason. They do not add to 31 as some patients gave more than one reason.