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Table 7 Issues for recruitment and retention from Components 1, 2 and 3

From: Why some do but most don't. Barriers and enablers to engaging low-income groups in physical activity programmes: a mixed methods study

Issues affecting recruitment and retention Potential solutions stated by participants or implied by findings Potential challenges relating to solutions
Cost Low cost/free sessions Unsustainability. May mask other barriers
Childcare Low cost, accessible childcare Unsustainability. May mask other barriers
Low confidence Use of friends/contacts as support. Recruit via pre-existing group, venue or target friendship groups Difficult to reach more isolated individuals
Low perceived competence Provide clearly branded beginners session Participants will become more competent - may disincentivise those who join later
Lack of time Accessible sessions at times to suit the target group May require provision of activities at a wide range of times
Enjoyment Consumer research into, and provision of, preferred activities May require provision of wide variety of activities
  Focus on those associated with enjoyment and sociability  
Session awareness Investment in good communications strategies Up front and on-going investment, expertise and commitment required
Initial health and weight related motivations Initial recruitment to include appeals to these motivations, sessions to deliver enjoyment and sociability to aid retention On-going challenge to maintain enjoyment as initial enthusiasm declines - and across a mixed ability group
Targeted interventions Research and Segmentation. Low income groups are not amorphous - an understanding of key sub groups is required to underpin effective interventions Time consuming and expensive