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Table 6 Key themes from interviews (n = 47)

From: Why some do but most don't. Barriers and enablers to engaging low-income groups in physical activity programmes: a mixed methods study

  Interviews with session leaders/initiators Interviews with local residents
Attitudes   Good awareness of benefits of exercise
   Attitudes largely positive but some negative and some feelings of exercise being irrelevant
Motivations weight issues and physical health particularly in older adults weight issues, physical and mental health, fitness
  socialising and enjoyment  
Barriers lack of confidence lack of confidence
  fear of stepping into an activity session alone reluctance to attend alone
  perceived lack of competence perceived lack of competence
  Cost Cost
   requirement for and concerns regarding childcare
   low priority, issues of time and work patterns
Enablers fun, friendship and socialising attending with a friend
  integration of sessions into the community self confidence
   Low cost, good availability
Awareness   good awareness of benefits of exercise
   patchy awareness of available sessions
  power of networking and personal contact as recruitment tool power of word-of-mouth as a communications channel