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Table 3 Strategies participants used for determining duration of sitting time

From: A qualitative study of older adults' responses to sitting-time questions: do we get the information we want?

Strategy IPAQ
(open question)
(closed question)
Thinking of minimum time usually spent sitting - **
Summing sitting time on a usual day *** **
Determining the proportion of a usual day spent sitting ** -
Subtracting all non-sitting activities in a usual day from 24 hours * -
Calculating average daily sitting time across a week ** *
Picking the day for which sitting time is easiest to recall * -
Reporting sitting time for the 'most usual' day * *
Reporting sitting time for the day with highest time spent sitting * *
Using a combination of the above strategies * *
Reporting average/usual sitting time without doing calculations ** *
Guessing time spent sitting ** *
No strategy, question considered too difficult to answer ** -
  1. ***: frequently mentioned strategy (majority participants); ** strategy mentioned by fewer participants (less than majority, but more than 5); * strategy mentioned by few participants (less than 5); - strategy not mentioned