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Table 1 Categorization of variables

From: Do improvements in outreach, clinical, and family and community-based services predict improvements in child survival? An analysis of serial cross-sectional national surveys

Outreach services Clinical services Community/family services Contextual factors
BCG vaccination Delivered by skilled birth attendant Underweight TV at home
DTP3 vaccination Delivered in health facility Stunting Electricity at home
Measles vaccination Delivered by a doctor Wasting Education of women 15-19 years
Maternal tetanus vaccination Delivered by C-section Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months Sanitation
Fully vaccinated Sought care for ARI symptoms Breastfeeding within an hour of birth Water supply
Possesses vaccine card Diarrhea episode treated with oral rehydration Total fertility rate Gross domestic product
At least 4 antenatal care visits therapy or recommended home fluids Availability of toilet Adult HIV prevalence
At least 1 antenatal care visit    
Family planning needs satisfied among married women