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Table 1 Descriptive summary of the responses on the type of information that the physicians would be willing to share.

From: Physician privacy concerns when disclosing patient data for public health purposes during a pandemic influenza outbreak

  Information to Share Mean Std. Dev.
A1 Patient's first name 2.8 2
A2 Patient's surname 2.5 2
A3 Patient's initials 4.3 2.3
A4 Patient's sex 6.6 0.6
A5 Patient's full date of birth 4.2 2.3
A6 Patient's full postal code 4.8 2.5
A7 Indication of whether the patient is pregnant 6.2 1.3
A8 Patient's diabetes history 5.7 1.7
A9 Patient's asthma history 5.7 1.7
A10 Patient's COPD history 5.7 1.7
A11 Patient's CHF history 5.7 1.7
A12 Your practice postal code 6.2 1.4
A13 Your name 5.22 2.1
A14 Total number of active patients in the practice 5.7 1.7
A15 Total number of patients seen during the reporting period 6.2 1.3
  1. A score of 1 means "not willing to share", a score of 7 means "very willing to share", and neutral value was coded as 4