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Table 2 Canning Flu Tool sensitivity and specificity table

From: Automated data extraction from general practice records in an Australian setting: Trends in influenza-like illness in sentinel general practices and emergency departments

Sensitivity and specificity of the Canning Flu Tool:
Test against the clinical opinions of two Public Health Physicians using records from two practices (n 2518) over two weeks in August 2008
Gold Standard
(Public Health Physician's clinical opinion)
CFT ILI present ILI not present Total
+ 26 8 34
- 1 2483 2484
Total 27 2491 2518
  1. Legend. Canning Flu Tool (CFT), ILI (Influenza Like Illness)
  2. Sensitivity 96.3%
  3. Specificity 99.7%
  4. Positive predictive value 76.5%
  5. Negative predictive value 99.7%