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Table 1 Canning Flu Tool search triggers

From: Automated data extraction from general practice records in an Australian setting: Trends in influenza-like illness in sentinel general practices and emergency departments

Canning Flu Tool trigger words for free text search
Case definition: A person presenting with cough, fever ≥ 38°C (or self-reported history of fever) and fatigue
The Canning Flu Tool identified as positive for ILI, any record that contained at least one word from each of the three columns (the search was not case sensitive)
Respiratory Fever Fatigue
Cough Chill Fatigue
Dyspnoea Fever Lethargy
Respiratory Tract Feverish Lethargic
Infection Febrile Malaise
RTI Pyrexia Prostrate
Shortness of Breath Pyrexic Prostration
SOB Rigor Tired
Wheeze Temp Tiredness
Wheezing Temps Unwell
  Temperature ≥ 38  
  Temp ≥38  
  1. The terms Flu, Influenza, ILI and H1N1 triggered a positive categorisation without the need for another word
  2. Any description of influenza vaccination caused a negative categorisation.