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Table 1 Formative and pilot work

From: Integrating a family-focused approach into child obesity prevention: Rationale and design for the My Parenting SOS study randomized control trial

Date Activity Objectives
June 2004 - Jan 2005 Focus groups with mothers of overweight children Identify culturally specific child management concerns and behavioral intervention needs of parents and/or caregivers, and their preferences for intervention channels and modalities [47]
Mar - May 2005 Focus groups with AA mothers Explore barriers to healthy nutrition and activity practices at home, collect impressions regarding a parenting for healthy weight intervention, and assess preferences regarding intervention delivery
Sept - Oct 2006 Pilot of 4-part workshop series with parents from 1 local child care center Examine the acceptability of a parenting for healthy weight workshop series and evaluate appropriateness of potential measures
Oct - Dec 2006 Pilot of 3-part workshop series with parents from 6 local child care centers Examine the feasibility of workshop delivery by trained facilitator (with a social work background) provided at the child care center