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Table 5 Would you recommend this type of project management for future projects?

From: Researchers' experience with project management in health and medical research: Results from a post-project review

Researchers' (n = 15) opinions
Yes definitely. It would be difficult to be involved in a study that does not have such an effective project management structure after being part of this project.
Absolutely I am endeavouring to develop the same project management for my own fellowship research project.
Worthwhile model that could be adopted by all projects.
Definitely. Learning about and being involved in this type of project management has been one of the greatest personal outcomes for me in being a part of this project. The lessons learned and experience of this project management will now be a part of my involvement in any future studies.
I think this is a suitable project management approach for projects over a certain funding eg. $150,000. I don't think that I would recommend all of the elements that were used for small projects.
Yes and I have already recommended it!
Yes. I already use it with my research students as a demonstration of how a project should be conducted.
Yes (n = 8).
No response (n = 1).