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Table 4 What was learned about project management that did not work well?a

From: Researchers' experience with project management in health and medical research: Results from a post-project review

Researchers' (n = 15) opinions
It is always more difficult being off site than regularly seeing and interacting with the project team but this should not deter inclusion of people off site.
There appeared to be an awful lot of reading for someone who was not directly working on the project.
Dissemination in journal articles has not really happened-perhaps we could have built in more effective plans for that.
Main difficulty for me was the unfamiliarity of this formal project management-will be much better next time it is used but I'm not sure I could use it myself without some formal training.
The committee meeting agendas were very structured. For the most part this facilitated the effectiveness of the meeting in addressing the agenda, however at times may have restricted or prevented the opportunity for open discussion or workshopping of ideas amongst the committee. So while the structured agenda did work well on some aspects I feel that if it was slightly more flexible this would have been valuable also and enhanced input by committee members.
I can't think of anything (n = 3).
Not aware of any (n = 1).
Nothing (n = 1)
Don't know (n = 2).
No response (n = 3).
  1. aAdapted from 'lessons learned' [15, 23]