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Table 2 What difference did the use of project management made to the project?a

From: Researchers' experience with project management in health and medical research: Results from a post-project review

Researchers' (n = 15) opinions
All processes relating to the organisation of the project were streamlined and all involved in the study were kept up to date at all times.
Allowed a good degree of professionalism to develop ensuring that even minor details were accounted for.
Gave everyone the feeling that they were heard and had a valuable contribution.
Kept individuals to task and up to date with each other. Facilitated communication and problem solving and pre-empted and prevented some potential problems occurring.
Allowed efficiency.
I feel that the project management was effective. It enabled the project to be run according to a defined plan and schedule.
I think it made a major contribution towards being a very well organised and professional project.
In this case the project manager has excellent organisational skill so the project management tool in and of itself was really a support document. For less capable and organised project managers this tool would play a more important role.
Organisation of this multifaceted project, specifying and achieving project goals and coordinating staff tasking was facilitated by the explicit use of the project management plan.
The consistent reporting, the clarity of reporting and the attention to all the relevant issues at each step of the project.
I think that it clarified everybody's role in the project. It was an effective way of ensuring the project achieved its research goals, was on time, under budget and produce excellent outputs. It was also important in providing updates of other projects and initiating other research projects.
It enables the process and outputs to be kept up to date. Also kept on track what was at times a complex program of research.
Kept it on track, on budget, effective and efficient.
Supported the establishment and maintenance of teamwork as Steering Committee and project team members were clear on expectations and roles. Established and facilitated effective methods of communication and decision making through regular planned meetings and reporting structures which in turn allowed for expertise within the committee to be utilised and drawn upon easily. Kept the project on track and adhering to the agreed timeframe as milestones were clearly defined.
The project management plan was helpful, probably more so at the beginning of the project when I referred to it often but not as much as the project went on.
  1. aAdapted from 'lessons learned' [15, 23]