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Table 2 Nutrition practices and policies described by a sample of managers of recreational facilities in Alberta

From: Improving children's nutrition environments: A survey of adoption and implementation of nutrition guidelines in recreational facilities

Changes to improve nutritional qualitya Areas addressed by nutrition policiesa
Substitution of less healthy for more healthy items (eg. granola bars replace chocolate bars, baked chips replace fried chips, milk replaces soft drinks) Availability of healthy optionsb (eg. minimum percentage of healthy options, removing unhealthy options, substitution of healthy for unhealthy options)
Addition of healthier items (eg. sandwiches, salads, fruit, milk added to menus) Specific nutrients and food groups (eg. no trans fats, low sugar)
Removal of less healthy items (eg. removal of chocolate bars, chips, sugar sweetened beverages) Aesthetics (eg. healthy foods attractively and prominently displayed)
Using healthier preparation methods (eg. baking instead of frying, healthier cooking oils) Pricing (eg. healthy foods competitively priced)
Bringing in vendors perceived to offer healthier choices (eg. Pita Pit, Booster Juice) Provision of information (eg. menu labelling, food rating systems)
  Portion size (eg. reduced portion size)
  Allergies and food safety (eg. no nuts, no food from home)
  1. aApplicable to vending machines and/or concession-based food vendors.
  2. bThere was a wide range in the proportion of healthy to unhealthy items permitted.