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Table 1 Selected Interview Questions

From: An industry perspective on Canadian patients' involvement in Medical Tourism: implications for public health

Topic Example Questions
Business Dimensions How long has the company been in operation for? Why did you decide to become involved in the medical tourism industry? How and where do you advertise your business?
Information Exchange with Medical Tourists What types of information do you typically give potential medical tourists? Do you facilitate communication between doctors abroad and in Canada, or between potential medical tourists and doctors abroad?
Medical Tourists' Decision-Making What are the different reasons that potential medical tourists have given you for wanting to seek care abroad? What role do you typically play with assisting potential medical tourists in their decision making regarding: (1) destination, (2) procedure, (3) physician/surgeon, (4) other factors? What role do you play in follow-up care?
Facilitators' Roles in medical tourism What effects, positive or negative, does medical tourism have on Canada's health care system? Do you consider yourself to be an advocate for the patient, an advocate for the industry, and/or an advocate for the destination hospital/country?