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Table 1 Field visits and details on questionnaires

From: Multi-center feasibility study evaluating recruitment, variability in risk factors and biomarkers for a diet and cancer cohort in India






Household Form

Dwelling type, household members


Eligibility Screener

Date of birth, gender, language, religion, eligibility information (pregnant, heart attack < 12 months, cancer, hemophilia, willingness to provide blood sample), contact information


Non-response Form

Reasons for refusal

Visit 1

Questionnaires after signing consent form


Education, mother tongue, marital status, cooking fuel, household appliances, income


Food Preparer

Household information on use of 19 spices, chilies (dried and green), coconut, garlic, onions, 13 cooking oils


Residential History

Time at current residence, reason for moving to current residence, contact information in case the participant moves


Physical Activity

Vigorous activity, moderate activity, walking, sitting during the past 7 days


Tobacco Use

Type of tobacco smoked/chewed, length of time using product, quantity used


Alcohol Use

Type of alcohol consumed, the length of time using the product, quantity consumed


Occupational History

Current occupation, five most recent occupations lasting 6 months or longer, time at each job.

Visit 2

Medical history Physical examination

Medical History

Information on health care provider, medical conditions, medication, family history


Reproductive History

Female - menses, sexual activity, pregnancies, contraceptives, hormone therapy

Male - sexual activity, contraceptives


Biospecimen Collection

15 ml fasting blood, first morning urine sample, toe nail clippings


Anthropometric Measures

Standing and sitting height, weight, blood pressure, waist, hip and thigh circumference, triceps and scapula skinfold