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Table 2 Inhibitors affecting the disclosure of diabetes: thematic matrix of categories, subcategories, and concepts (n = 32)

From: Factors affecting the disclosure of diabetes by ethnic minority patients: a qualitative study among Surinamese in the Netherlands

Category Subcategory Concepts
Perception of social environment Community conventions • Don't burden others with your disease. (n = 5)1
• Sickness is private, talking about it is taboo. (n = 8)
  Social consequences • People gossip. (n = 7)
• Fear of bringing shame on self/family. (n = 8)
• Career concerns. (n = 4)
Perception of diabetes Severity of condition • My diabetes is not severe, so I can take care of my diabetes myself. (n = 4)
  Non-acceptance • I have difficulty accepting I have diabetes. (n = 3)
Perception of diabetes management Individual responsibility • Taking care of one's diabetes is primarily an individual responsibility. (n = 4)
  1. 1 n refers to the number of participants who mentioned this concept. The total n for a category may be > 32 because respondents could mention more than one concept.