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Table 4 Odds Ratios of determinants in the Dutch sample (SUNSET) compared to those in Surinamese sample (CVRFO), adjusted for age, ethnicity, education and religion

From: How do psychosocial determinants in migrant women in the Netherlands differ from these among their counterparts in their country of origin? A cross-sectional study

  OR 95% CI
Positive affective attitude towards smoking 2.59 (1.05; 6.39)
Perceived no negative consequences of smoking 3.33 (1.31; 8.41)
Positive subjective norm of partner 6.49 (2.71; 15.56)
Positive subjective norm of family towards smoking 1.91 (0.89; 4.14)
Positive subjective norm of friends towards smoking 3.30 (1.50-7.25)
Perceived behavior of partner: smoker 1.70 (0.79-3.63)
Perceived behavior of family: half or more smokers 0.56 (0.27-1.16)
Perceived behavior of friends: half or more smokers 1.88 (0.88; 4.01)
  1. OR: odds ratio CI: confidence interval