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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: Patient medical costs for tuberculosis treatment and impact on adherence in China: a systematic review

Study question Inclusion criteria Data to be sought and extracted
1. Medical costs to TB patient Population-based surveys or facility-based surveys on TB patients (including new and re-treatment patients) Total and average cost; cost as a proportion of annual household income
2. Adherence rates Population based surveys or cohort studies Completion or cure per patient followed up
3. Impact on completion and adherence Surveys must be population based, with household or individual cost estimates from interviews and completion rates based on verified health service data, or on patient reported length of treatment A proportion of interrupted treatment because of financial burden caused by TB treatment
  Qualitative studies that a) use recognised methods (in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, or observation); and b) describe the methods used in analysis (thematic analysis, content analysis, grounded theory) Patient or provider views on cost and its influence on treatment completion. Include evidence, in the form of illustrative quotes or empirical data, for the statements