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Table 2 HIV, HBV and HCV testing history among spouses of injection drug users enrolled in the Madras Injection Drug User and AIDS Cohort Study, Chennai, India, 2009 (n = 400)

From: The intersection between sex and drugs: a cross-sectional study among the spouses of injection drug users in Chennai, India

  N = 400 (%)
Ever received an HIV test 122 (40.7)
Result of last test  
Negative 87 (71.4)
Positive 7 (5.7)
Do not know/result not received 28 (23)
Prior testing for hepatitis viruses  
Not tested for either 375 (94.2)
Tested for one but not sure which 10 (2.5)
Tested for hepatitis B only 1 (0.3)
Tested for hepatitis C only 0
Tested for both 10 (2.5)