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Table 1 Item loadings for the factor analysis and questionnaire items (Social Cognitive scale)

From: Demographic, social cognitive and social ecological predictors of intention and participation in screening for colorectal cancer

Factor and loading Questionnaire items
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6  
-.50       I feel confidence that I wouldn't find the test overly distasteful or embarrassing
.56       I think that giving a sample of faeces to another person for bowel cancer screening is embarrassing
-.69       I feel confident that I would be able to find time in the day to complete the test
-.56       Screening for bowel cancer can pick it up early when cancer can be treated
-.55       I think that having a faecal occult blood test would be reassuring
.53       I believe that testing faeces for the purpose of bowel cancer screening is unhygienic
-.57       It is quite convenient that I can screen myself for bowel cancer at home
.47       Fear of cancer would put me off having a faecal occult blood test
.69       I think that faecal occult blood tests are inconvenient
.47       Screening for bowel cancer is time consuming
  .42      There are things I care about more than my health
  .43      My family has a lot to do with my becoming sick or staying healthy
  .54 .41     No matter what I do, if I'm going to get sick, I will get sick
  .62 .31     My good health is largely a matter of good fortune
  .46 .35     When I am sick, I just have to let nature run its course
   .60     When I recover from an illness, it's usually because other people have been taking good care of me
   .67     Having regular contact with my doctor is the best way for me to avoid illness
   .68     Regarding my health, I can only do what my doctor tells me to do
   .39 .44    If you don't have your health, you don't have anything
    .41    When I get sick, I am to blame
    .57    I am in control of my health
    .66    If I become sick, I have the power to make myself well again
    .66    If I take the right actions, I can stay healthy
     .63   Most things that affect my health happen to me by accident
     .76   There is a good chance that I will get bowel cancer
     .76   I worry a lot about getting bowel cancer
     .81   My chance of getting bowel cancer is high
     .33 -.34 People who get bowel cancer usually die soon
      .82 I believe I know a lot about bowel cancer
      .83 I know a lot about screening for bowel cancer
  1. Note. F1 = Barriers/Benefits, F2 = Chance Health Locus of Control (HLC), F3 = Powerful Others HLC, F4 = Internal HLC, F5 = Perceived Susceptibility, F6 = CRC Knowledge