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Table 1 Data collection and timeline for both intervention and control groups

From: Reducing psychological distress and obesity in Australian farmers by promoting physical activity

Variable Base line 3 month 6 month
Body weight (kg) X
Height (cm) X
Waist circumference (cm) X
Hip circumference (cm) X
Body fat (%) X
Blood pressure (mmHg) X
Pulse rate (bpm) X
Fasting blood glucose (mmol/L) X
Fasting blood cholesterol (mmol/L) X
Fasting triglycerides (mmol/L) X
HDL (mmol/L) X
LDL (mmol/L) X
Fasting blood cortisol (nmol/L) X
Salivary cortisol*(nmol/L)
DASS score
Dietary questionnaire
Physical activity questionnaire
  1. * Salivary cortisol will be measured by taking 4 readings/day (9 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm)