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Table 1 Model parameters, estimates, and lower and upper limits

From: Congenital rubella syndrome and autism spectrum disorder prevented by rubella vaccination - United States, 2001-2010

Parameter Definition Lower Limit Estimate Upper Limit
α Vaccine era CRS incidence (cases per 10,000 live births)a, b - 0.00 -
β Pre-vaccine era CRS incidence (cases per 10,000 live births)c 2.0 4.0 15
γ Live births per year (rounded to the nearest 1000)b, d - 4,150,000 -
δ Percentage of CRS cases presenting with an ASD 3.0% 7.4% 10.0%
  1. All data are from the United States unless otherwise specified in Methods.
  2. a Averaged over 2001-2008.
  3. b Parameter was not varied in sensitivity analyses (no lower and upper limit given).
  4. c Lower limit, upper limit, and estimate correspond to endemic, epidemic, and overall CRS incidence, respectively.
  5. d Averaged over 2001-2009.