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Table 1 Overview of "The World Starts With Me" Curriculum

From: The World Starts With Me: A multilevel evaluation of a comprehensive sex education programme targeting adolescents in Uganda

Lesson   Topic
Section 1: Self-esteem and decision making  
1 The World Starts With Me Building self-esteem, insight into own sexual development
2 Emotional Ups and Downs Exploring processes of autonomy and own norms & values
3 Is Your Body Changing Too? Body changes
Section 2: The social environment  
4 Friends and Relationships Focus on social environment: Own social
5 Boys and Girls, Men and Women relationships, own value system, cultural &
6 Fight for your Rights! political influences, reorienting gender roles & human rights
Section 3: Sexuality  
7 Sexuality and Love Addressing potential of sexuality
8 Pregnancy: 4 Girls and 4 Boys! Pregnancy and the impact for girls and boys
9 Protect Yourself: STI's; HIV/AIDS Strengthening personal decision making
10 HIV/AIDS: U have a role 2 play 2 Learning to respect decisions of a partner
11 Love Shouldn't Hurt Addressing stigma, sexual harassment/abuse
Section 4: Goal setting  
12 Your Future, Dreams and Plans Goal setting and planning for the future
13 My Top Tips Peer Book Learning how to share goals & plans with
14 The Exhibition peers and community