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Table 2 Comparison of findings with Chen, Eisenberg and Meischke [44]

From: Public Claims about Automatic External Defibrillators: An Online Consumer Opinions Study

  Consumer Opinion Forum Themes Chen, Eisenberg & Meischke [44]
Usability Specific core usability features  
  Specific peripheral usability features  
  Intelligent device requires minimal input
  Device responsible for outcome
Usefulness Device will save lives
  Early defibrillation critical
  Additional training necessary
  Invest in alternative resources, not AEDs  
  CPR alone is sufficient  
Cost Cost, small price to pay given the benefits
  In public health terms - not effective  
  Sense of security justifies cost  
  Hope never have to use it
  Appropriate to balance cost against risk
Emotional implications Regret of not purchasing  
  Improved quality of life
  Peace of mind
  Denial of emotional consequences
Risk status Could happen to anyone at any time  
  Family history over-riding factor
  ICDs potentially preferable given risk status