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Table 2 Percent agreeing with items measuring general stigma

From: Attitudes of Malaysian general hospital staff towards patients with mental illness and diabetes

Item % Agree % Strongly Agree % Overall Agreement
1. A woman would be foolish to marry a man who has had a severe mental illness, even though he seems to be fully recovered. 25.9 7.7 33.6
2. It is frightening to think of people with mental problems living in your own neighbourhood. 32.4 4.0 36.4
3. Someone with a history of mental illness should not be given a job of high responsibility. 41.3 6.0 47.3
4. Although some mental patients seem all right, it is dangerous to forget for a moment that they are mentally ill. 59.4 7.5 67.1
5. A woman who has had a history of mental illness should not be hired as a babysitter. 52.4 19.0 71.4
Mean 42.3 8.8 51.1