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Table 1 Explored variables

From: Parents' attitudes and behaviours towards recommended vaccinations in Sicily, Italy

Parents' background variables • Var. 1: Parental status
• Var. 2: Age
• Var. 3: Education level
• Var. 4: Number of children per family
Evaluation of parents' attitudes, knowledge and beliefs concerning recommended vaccines  
Item 1 Children's vaccination status
Item 2 Decision to forgo recommended vaccinations
Item 3 Physician recommendations prior to vaccinations
Item 4 Sources of information on recommended vaccinations
Item 5 Distinction between mandatory and recommended vaccinations
Item 6 Knowledge on mandatory and recommended vaccinations
Item 7 Perceived recommended vaccinations usefulness
Item 8 Perceived recommended vaccinations effectiveness
Item 9 Social influence on decision-making process
Item 10 Source of social influence
Item 11 Knowledge of the existence of anti-vaccination movements
Item 12 Agreement with anti-vaccination movements
Item 13 Opinion about vaccinations
Item 14 Opinion about the anti-vaccination movements