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Table 2 HIV/AIDS related knowledge among Liaoning MSM students (n = 436)

From: A cross-sectional study of HIV and syphilis infections among male students who have sex with men (MSM) in northeast China: implications for implementing HIV screening and intervention programs

HIV/AIDS knowledge and prevention related questions Correctly answered(%)
Whether PLWH can be detected from appearance 399(91.5%)
Whether behaviors can result in HIV infection  
   Blood transfusion from PLWH 426(97.7%)
   Sharing syringe with PLWH 414(95.0%)
   Having dinner with PLWH 391(89.7%)
   Birth and breast-feeding from HIV infected mothers 424(97.2%)
   Mosquito bites 294(67.4%)
   Limiting sexual partners to one single HIV-negative partner 399(91.5%)
   Correctly using condom during each act of sexual intercourse 418(95.9%)
  1. *, PLWH, people living with HIV;