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Table 2 Social marketing objective: summary of activities

From: Process evaluation of a community-based adolescent obesity prevention project in Tonga

Category Description Objective number (#) Comments
Media reports and promotions   
Television 9 × 30 second television advertisements 5, 6, 7, 9 Developed in-house for prime time national television. Screened regularly over a six months period. Research team members used as actors.
  7 × television interviews/news items M Interviews with Deakin research team members aired on Tongan national television (such as at launch of baseline survey, construction of first community vegetable garden). One television program on project awareness.
Print 4 × newspaper column articles M MYP social marketing officer wrote column for a national newspaper
Radio 6 × 30 minute talk-back radio programs 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 National radio program comprising a talk followed by a talk-back question and answer session. Research team staff facilitated and participated in the program.
  4 × 5 minute segments in a health program 4, 6, 7, 9 Segment within a radio program run by Health Promotion Unit
  3 × 30 second radio jingles 6,7 Developed in-house for national radio. Played repeatedly.
  Radio release M Commencement of project
  2 × songs M Produced by MYP staff and aired during talk-back radio programs
Developed materials   
Printed 1 sign 9 Displayed in 5 locations in food shops in intervention sites
  2 sets of stickers 6, 7 1,000 stickers distributed in schools, churches, general community
  Breakfast menu 4 20 copies produced for circulation to school canteens. Developed by tertiary nutrition student on placement.
  1 × Breakfast fact sheet 4 1000x breakfast fact sheet developed and distributed into schools
  1 × video of intervention activities M Screened at one day OPIC symposium in Auckland, New Zealand, and also at launch of baseline results in Tonga
  1 × Project leaflet M Distributed to all households (in one village only) to raise project awareness
Other 2 × roadside billboards 4, 6, 7 Breakfast billboard erected in one location in each of the 3 intervention districts; other located in a central location in the capital
  11 × project banners 6, 7, 9 One outside office, others displayed at intervention events
  Project logo M Developed by graphic design company
  Vehicle logo M Used on project vehicle
  2 Food stops (sandwich display boards) M, 6 11 boards in total displayed in front of vegetable stalls or school canteens
  T-shirts with MYP logo M Distributed to participants in Fun Run and Walk for Health
  1 water promotion display 9 5 Water display for display at store
Sourced materials   
Printed Fat kit 4, 5, 6 Materials (including posters and other visual aids) developed by New Zealand Heart Foundation, and used for displays in schools, communities etc.
  15 × posters 4, 5, 6 Sourced from South Pacific Commission; displayed at schools or events
Launch 2 × project launches M, 7 Director of Health launched MYP project; Minister for Health launched Walk for Health
  Segment in documentary on obesity M Filmed by Swedish crew in Tonga; research team members participated
  Free fruit distribution 6 10 fruit promotion held during inter-college sports competition and community functions
  Marketing survey on organic vegetables 6 Survey conducted with restaurants to promote availability of organic vegetables from farming project
  Survey on water promotion at a church annual conference 9 Follow up survey with on the promotion of drinking water conducted during church conference
  2 × water promotion campaigns 9 Water campaign during one week annual church conference. The other conducted at a village level. Displayed banner at both events
  World Food Day display 6, 7, 9 Displayed social marketing resources during celebrations
  1. M - multiple objectives, 1 - Building capacity, 2 - Social Marketing, 3 - Evaluation, 4 - Breakfast, 5 - School Lunch, 6 - Vegetables & Fruit, 7 - Physical Activity, 8 - Organized sports, 9 - Sweet Drinks vs. Water, 10 - Champions