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Table 4 Estimated number of fatalities by jurisdiction that would enable the target to be met in 2010

From: Are we there yet? Australian road safety targets and road traffic crash fatalities

  Projected Population June 2010a Estimated number of fatalities equal to 5.6 fatalities per 100,000 population in 2010 Average annual number of fatalities, 2007-2009 Percentage difference between average annual fatalities, 2007-2009, and estimated target (maximum) number of fatalities in 2010b
Aust. 22,410,783 1,255 1,518 17
NSW 7,254,446 406 423 4
Vic. 5,563,364 312 310 (0.5)
Qld 4,538,829 254 339 25
SA 1,645,305 92 114 19
WA 2,308,890 129 214 40
Tas. 508,240 28 50 43
ACT 358,590 20 13 (55)
NT 230,942 13 55 77
  1. Notes: a Population projections per jurisdiction for June 2010 have been estimated using data on 'estimated resident populations' for September and December 2008, and March, June and September 2009 [68]. Percentage changes in these data were calculated and the average quarterly percent changes from September 2008 to September 2009 were determined. These were applied to the respective population estimates for September 2009 to calculate population estimates for December 2009. To calculate population estimates for June 2010, this process was repeated with the respective average quarterly percent changes sequentially applied to the newly-derived population estimates for December 2009, and then for March 2010. Projected population estimates for the various jurisdictions for June 2010 were published in 2008 [69] but recent estimates of the estimated resident populations for September 2009, published in March 2010, have, in some cases, surpassed these earlier estimates for June 2010. As it is not anticipated that the populations will reduce in the near-term, these alternative estimates have been calculated and used (as outlined), in preference to the estimates published in 2008. b The percentage difference data in parentheses indicate that the average number of annual fatalities, based on data for 2007 to 2009, is less than the estimated number of fatalities in 2010 that would meet the national target rate.