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Table 1 Injury categories and the source of the relative risk relationship with alcohol consumption.

From: Combining best evidence: A novel method to calculate the alcohol-attributable fraction and its variance for injury mortality

Condition ICD 10 Code Source for AAF Calculation
Unintentional injuries   
Motor vehicle collision § [13, 14, 20]
Poisonings X40-X49 [13, 14, 20]
Falls W00-W19 [13, 14, 20]
Fires X00-X09 [13, 14, 20]
Poisonings and exposure to alcohol X45 [13]
Drowning W65-W74 [13, 14, 20]
Other Unintentional injuries †Rest of V-series and W20-W64, W 75-W99, X10-X39, X50-X59, Y40-Y86, Y88, and Y89 [13, 14, 20]
Intentional injuries   
Self-inflicted injuries X60-X84 and Y87.0 [13, 14, 20]
Intentional self-poisoning by and exposure to alcohol X65 [13]
Homicide X85-Y09, Y87.1 [13, 14, 20]
Other intentional injuries [13, 14, 20]
  1. § V021-V029, V031-V039, V041-V049, V092, V093, V123-V129, V133-V139, V143-V149, V194-V196, V203-V209, V213-V219, V223-V229, V233-V239, V243-V249, V253-V259, V263-V269, V273-V279, V283-V289, V294-V299, V304-V309, V314-V319, V324-V329, V334-V339, V344-V349, V354-V359, V364-V369, V374-V379, V384-V389, V394-V399, V404-V409, V414-V419, V424-V429, V434-V439, V444-V449, V454-V459, V464-V469, V474-V479, V484-V489, V494-V499, V504-V509, V514-V519, V524-V529, V534-V539, V544-V549, V554-V559, V564-V569, V574-V579, V584-V589, V594-V599, V604-V609, V614-V619, V624-V629, V634-V639, V644-V649, V654-V659, V664-V669, V674-V679, V684-V689, V694-V699, V704-V709, V714-V719, V724-V729, V734-V739, V744-V749, V754-V759, V764-V769, V774-V779, V784-V789, V794-V799, V803-V805, V811, V821, V830-V833, V840-V843, V850-V853, V860-V863, V870-V878, V892.
  2. †Rest of V = V-series MINUS §.