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Table 5 Correlation matrix between the components (dietary practices) of the overall diet quality a of alternative high school students

From: Substance use and dietary practices among students attending alternative high schools: results from a pilot study

Components of the diet quality (dietary practices) Regular soda times/wk Sports drinks times/wk Other sugar-sweetened beverages times/wk Fast food restaurant times/wk High-fat foods times/wk Fruits/vegetables servings/day
Regular soda times/wk 1.0      
Sports drinks times/wk 0.237 1.0     
Other sugar-sweetened beverages times/wk 0.331 0.595 1.0    
Fast food restaurant times/wk 0.64 0.373 0.193 1.0   
High-fat foods times/wk 0.424 0.251 0.395 0.658 1.0  
Fruits/vegetables servings/day 0.139 -0.515 -0.387 -0.305 -0.667 1.0
  1. a The overall impact of substance use on diet quality was assessed by treating the six dietary behaviors as correlated outcomes within individual. The repeated measures analysis of the six dietary behaviors estimates a single association of substance use on the overall diet quality. All sugar-sweetened beverages, high-fat food, and fast food restaurant use were reverse coded to represent a healthful diet quality.