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Table 2 Delivery format and content of the Alcohol Intervention Training Program (AITP)

From: The Alcohol Intervention Training Program (AITP): A response to alcohol misuse in the farming community

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Understanding alcohol misuse Detecting and assessing alcohol use problems* Communication Skills Brief Interventions
• diagnostic definitions Training in the use of the: • dual relationships • blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
• NHMRC guidelines for safe drinking [9] • Alcohol Use Disorders Intervention Test (AUDIT)[10] • active listening
• probing techniques
• personal responsibility for change
• physiological, psychological, social and financial effects of alcohol misuse. • Short Index of Problems (SIP)[11]
• Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS21)[12]
• motivational interviewing • methods for employing empathy and supporting self-efficacy
  • Readiness To Change Questionnaire (RTCQ)[13].   • training in the use of the Timeline follow back (TLFB) [14]drinking calendar.
  1. * These screening and assessment tools specifically target alcohol misuse and associated mental health issues and are widely used in research and clinical settings. These measures will also be used as outcome measures to evaluate changes in the alcohol use and mental health of farm men and women with whom SFF health professionals work