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Table 2 Eligibility Criteria

From: PDA+: A Personal Digital Assistant for Obesity Treatment - An RCT testing the use of technology to enhance weight loss treatment for veterans

Eligibility Criteria
• Willing to participate in a 12-month study
• Independently Mobile (no cane, walker, wheelchair needed)
• Can participate in regular exercise
• No psychiatric hospitalizations within the past year
• No cognitive or sensorimotor impairment
• Cannot participate in a structured diet program outside of study
• Cannot be at high risk for adverse CVD events while exercising
• Considering making changes to lose weight in the next 6 months1
• Absence of any substance abuse, mood, or binge eating disorder that would interfere with adherence2
• Must experience chronic pain (≥ 4 on the NRS-I scale for ≥ 6 months prior to enrollment)
  1. 1As measured by the Exercise and Weight Stages of Change Form
  2. 2As measured by the PRIME-MD