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Table 3 Secondary endpoints for QUICK-I

From: Cardiovascular disease prevention in rural Nigeria in the context of a community based health insurance scheme: QUality Improvement Cardiovascular care Kwara-I (QUICK-I)

Secondary Endpoints QUICK-I
   1. The proportion of patients in whom cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor treatment is successful (see definitions) after 1 year of follow up
   2. The incidence of target organ damage* and established CVD during the study period
   3. The incidence of all cause mortality during the study period
   4. Change in the score on the 12-Item Short Form Health Survey quality of life questionnaire at 1 year of follow up compared to baseline
   5. Change in the score on the 8-item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale measured with 3 month intervals during one year of follow up
   6. Incidence of side effects of prescribed drugs for CVD prevention, during the follow up period
  1. *Target organ damage: presence of micro/macroalbuminuria or ECG based left ventricular hypertrophy