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Table 2 direct and indirect advice to viewers

From: Communicating uncertainty - how Australian television reported H1N1 risk in 2009: a content analysis

Statements N (%)
Look after basic hygiene (e.g. wash hands, cover your mouth when you cough etc) 111 27.8
Help prevent the spread of infection (e.g. stay home if you are sick, avoid crowds, defer non-essential travel, respect quarantine, keep sick children home etc.) 111 27.8
Seek credible information, see a doctor and/or take medication as advised 82 20.6
Consider a vaccine* 38 9.5
Be alert if you belong a particular risk group 35 8.8
Other 22 5.6
TOTAL 399 100.0
  1. *Note: the H1N1 vaccine became more prominent in coverage occurring outside the time period reported here