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Table 1 Summary of the public relation activities to announce ONSET

From: Internet-based Self-Assessment after the Tsunami: lessons learned

Point in time Public relation effort
01/24/2005-01/30/2005 Announcement of the soon available ONSET on the websites of the 10 largest Swiss health insurance providers. These companies contacted by letter and email all their insurants, who were known to have been affected by the Tsunami.
02/01/2005-02/28/2005 Swiss Department of Foreign Affaires informed all Swiss citizens living abroad via email about the availability of ONSET.
02/14/2005 1st press release of the public relation department of the University of Zurich (Unipublic) about the upcoming availability of ONSET, covering the entire press as well as electronic media.
02/18/2005 Information about ONSET by the Swiss Federal Coordinated Medical Services to all their partners.
02/18/2005-08/31/2005 Telephone hotline for ONSET users, general practitioners and mental health professionals by the Centre for Disaster and Military Psychiatry (CDMP). For the same target audience contact by email was also possible.
02/18/2005-04/30/2005 Hundreds of press, radio and TV interviews given by co-workers of CDMP concerning ONSET; making it almost impossible to sustain normal work flow.
02/20/2005-02/28/2005 Transmission of a press release about ONSET to the major press houses, radio and TV station in the neighbour countries Germany, Austria, Italy and France by the CDMP.
04/01/2005 2nd press release of Unipublic (University of Zurich) of ONSET use and some preliminary findings.
12/31/2005 ONSET's public relation campaign was the most successful activity of Unipublic (University of Zurich) with several hundreds citations, articles, broadcasts and electronic media in 2005.