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Table 3 Timelines and measures used in CHEP study

From: Development and evaluation of a patient centered cardiovascular health education program for insured patients in rural Nigeria (QUICK - II)

Measures Baseline Final
Physiological measures   
- Clinic BP measurements, Heart rate X X
- Height, weight, Body Mass Index X X
- Hip and waist circumference X X
Self-reporting measures   
- Patient demographics X  
- Additional cardiovascular risk factors (physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol, sodium intake) X X
- Medication adherence X X
- Adherence to lifestyle recommendations X
- Knowledge of HTN X X
- Perceptions of HTN X X
- Perceptions of medication X X
- Self efficacy X X
- Satisfaction with care X X
- Perception of stress X X
Case file data   
- Prescribed medication X X
- Prescribed lifestyle measures X X
- Co-morbidity X X
Process data   
- Records office visits, patient drop-out data etc X X
- HCP interviews   X