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Table 2 parameters in fitted regression models

From: Estimating and comparing incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases by combining GP registry data: the role of uncertainty

Disease name Incidence Prevalence
Diabetes f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,age^5,age^6,sex,sex*age, sex*age^2)
Heart failure f(age, age^2,sex,sex*age, sex*age^2) f(age, age^2,age^3,sex,sex*age)
COPD f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,sex,sex*age, sex*age^2) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4, age^5, age^6,age^7,age^8, sex,sex*age, sex*age^2 sex*age^3 sex*age^4)
Stroke f(age, sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,sex)
Coronary heart disease f(age, age^2,sex,sex*age, sex*age^2,sex*age^3) f(age, age^2,sex,sex*age, sex*age^2)
Dementia f(age, age^2,age^3,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,sex)
Schizophrenia f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,sex,sex*age)
Parkinson f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,sex)
Multiple sclerosis f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,sex)
Epilepsy f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,age^5,sex)
Macular degeneration f(age,sex) f(age,sex)
Glaucoma f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,sex)
Cataracts f(age, age^2,age^3,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,sex)
Hearing impairments f(age, age^2,age^3,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,age^5,sex,sex*age)
Inflammatory bowel diseases f(age, age^2,age^3,sex) f(age, age^2,age^3,age^4,sex)
Osteoporosis f(age, sex,sex*age, sex*age^2) f(age, sex,sex*age, sex*age^2,sex*age^3)
Rheumatoid arthritis f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,sex,sex*age)
Arthritis f(age, age^2,sex) f(age, age^2,sex,sex*age,age^2, sex*age^2,sex*age^3,sex*age^4)