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Table 3 Methods utilized to increase recruiting and follow up of the participants in the study.

From: Maximising retention in a longitudinal study of genital Chlamydia trachomatis among young women in Australia

  Recommended recruiting methods:
1 Ensure all research assistants are adequately trained, fully informed and supervised closely
2 Liaise closely with clinic staff (administrative and clinical) and ensure they are fully informed about the recruiting process; set up a process to address any queries or concerns expediently
3 Recruit in privacy, ensuring the participants feel comfortable discussing the study and feel confidentiality is assured
4 Supply appropriate information about the study in plain folders
5 Employ research assistants who are independent of the clinical relationship to remain clear of the patient doctor relationship.
  Methods to maximize retention:
1 Communicate regularly with participants, being particularly sensitive to maintain confidentiality
2 Prompt participants prior to sending follow up to confirm contact details
3 Maintain contact with participants using the same staff to engender familiarity and trust
4 Provide easy access to study staff by email or a free-call telephone number, including being available after hours (until 9 pm weeknights and on weekends)
5 Manage positive results efficiently, respectfully and at no cost to the participant
6 Provide small incentive payments and small gifts when appropriate.