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Table 3 Interpretation of Recommendation to "Avoid Sick People"

From: Perceptions of and willingness to engage in public health precautions to prevent 2009 H1N1 influenza transmission

Interpretation of Recommendation Sample Participant Responses % of Respondents
   Avoid Social Contact "not going near people that are sick"
"don't go see people who have swine flu"
"not being close to someone who has the flu"
   Social Distancing "stay away from crowds"
"stay away from doctors offices, hospitals, daycare"
"avoiding children, nursing homes, hospitals, and friends/family"
   Use a Face Mask "take precautions like wearing a mask"
"use a mask"
"wear a mask"
   Hand Hygiene Techniques "going shopping wipe off shopping cart"
"washing your hands"
"wash your hands if you come in contact with sick people"
   Avoid Physical Contact "not kissing or hugging people"
"not touching"
"don't shake their hands or kiss them"
   Extraneous "10 foot pole"
"just what it says"
"not to catch the germs"