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Table 1 Figure 2 legend

From: Is there an impact of public smoking bans on self-reported smoking status and exposure to secondhand smoke?

Symbol Location of smoking restriction Symbol Explanation of ban type
1 Public places and workplace* grey square Partial ban
2 Restaurants black square Full ban
3 Bars and billiard halls Cross hatch square Introduction of provincial smoking ban May 31/2006
4 Bowling alleys   
5 Bingo halls   
6 Racetracks, casinos, slots   
P Partial ban in location, exemptions allowed (DSR permitted)   
F Full ban, no exemptions (DSR not permitted)   
* “Public places” specifically excludes the locations specified as separate categories (numbers 2-6). If a municipality introduced a full smoking ban in public places including restaurants and bars it would be coded as 1F,2F,3F. A municipality with a full smoking ban in public places and a partial ban in restaurants is coded as 1F2P.