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Table 6 Frequencies and percentages of quality practices in the criterion Processes

From: Evaluation of physical activity programmes for elderly people - a descriptive study using the EFQM' criteria

5. Processes n %
5a. Processes are systematically designed and managed   
   Work methods and organizational process are explicitly defined 22 84,62
   There is comprehensive documentation about work methods and organizational processes 5 19,23
   Organizational processes are periodically revised 16 61,54
   Work processes exist to promote efficient behaviour patterns throughout the organization 19 73,08
   Emergency protocols are periodically revised 9 34,62
5b. Processes are improved, as needed, using innovation in order to fully satisfy and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders
   Development and innovation of processes is emphasized 12 46,15
5c. Services are designed and developed based on customer needs and expectations   
   The organization knows which services customers need 18 69,23
   The organization is oriented towards the fulfilment of customers' expectations and needs 8 30,77
5d. Services are produced, delivered and serviced   
   The organization is committed to develop PA programmes for older adults, concerning the components: aerobic fitness, muscular-strength, balance and flexibility 17 65,38
   Preparticipation screening is designed to guarantee the safe participation of customers 11 42,31
   Recommendations about the components of the exercise training session are followed (warm-up, stretching, conditioning and cool down phases) 26 100,00
   Progression in the exercise training sessions is followed 18 69,23
   The front desk is the central point of contact between the organization and the customer 17 65,38
   The organization advertises its services 25 96,15
   Environmental conditions of exercise sessions are guaranteed 15 57,69
   Good accessibilities to the PA programme are guaranteed (side-walks, passenger transportation) 25 96,15
   Access to the programme are facilitated by different processes or pathways 20 76,92
5e. Customer relationships are managed and enhanced   
   Standardized systems are in place to deal with customer complaints 26 100,00
   Standardized systems are in place to deal with customer suggestions 14 53,85