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Table 2 Frequencies and percentages of quality practices in the criterion Leadership

From: Evaluation of physical activity programmes for elderly people - a descriptive study using the EFQM' criteria

1. Leadership n %
1a. Leaders develop the mission, vision, values and ethics and are role models for a culture of Excellence   
   Coordinators encourage people to feel empowerment and autonomy 21 80,77
   Coordinators participate and give support to continuous improvement processes 19 73,08
   Coordinators collaborate in quality training by teaching people at lower hierarchical levels 1 3,85
   Coordinators ensure that all members of the organization have a clear idea of what the PA programme's position should have in society 21 80,77
1b. Leaders are personally involved in ensuring the PA programme management system is developed, implemented and continuously improved
   Coordinators become involved in running the PA programme as a set of interrelated processes, all for achieving quality 14 53,85
   Coordinators ensure that people are capable of taking initiatives and assimilating better ways of doing their responsibilities 10 38,46
1c. Leaders interact with customers, partners and representatives of society   
   Coordinators take part in continuous improvement processes, even when these activities go beyond Coordinators' responsibilities 16 61,54
   Satisfaction of current and future customers ensures the success of the PA programme 16 61,54
   To improve in a particular aspect, coordinators and other members of the organization collaborate with other organizations with PA programmes to help each other 15 57,69
1d. Leaders reinforce a culture of excellence with the organization's people   
   There is a strong communicative culture throughout all areas of the organization 22 84,62
   The involvement of people can only be achieved if coordinators are the first to show commitment, practicing what they preach 14 53,85
   Coordinators behave in a way that allows the integration and mobilization of members of a team 18 69,23
1e. Leaders identify and champion organizational change   
   Coordinators stimulate the continuous improvement of services and processes 19 73,08
   Coordinators continuously acquire and update knowledge that is valuable for the PA programme 16 61,54
   Coordinators act in a way that makes it easier for people to accept proposed changes voluntarily 16 61,54