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Table 2 Description of the behaviour change techniques targeted in the consultations

From: West End Walkers 65+: A randomised controlled trial of a primary care-based walking intervention for older adults: Study rationale and design

Behaviour change technique How the technique was used in the consultation
Motivation for taking part Discussion of why participant interested in the project
Information on the link between walking and health Reflection on role of physical activity for health and well being
Self reflection on pros and cons of increasing walking Weighing up pros and cons of increasing walking
Graded tasks Graded walking goals set tailored to each individuals baseline pedometer readings
Instruction Using the pedometer
Self-monitoring Using the pedometer to monitor progress towards goals
Identifying and overcoming barriers Recognising barriers and inviting participant to consider ways to overcome
Relapse prevention For immediate intervention group only at consultation two: discussion of avoiding lapses, recognising situations which make walking difficult, thinking of alternatives.