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Table 1 Measures used in analysis of study outcomes

From: The Cool Little Kids randomised controlled trial: Population-level early prevention for anxiety disorders

Construct Measure Administration time points Number of items Additional Information
Child measures     
Temperamental inhibition Short Temperament Scales - Inhibition subscale [47] Screening 7 Children who score ≥85th percentile are eligible for the trial.
Major health or developmental diagnoses Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (Australian version)[53] RCT baseline 10 Children with major diagnoses will be excluded: determined on a case-by-case basis.
Behavioural and emotional problems Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire (4-10 year old Australian version)[54] Screening
1 & 2 years
25 Behavioural screening measure; widely used in population health research; existing school-entry screen in Victoria. Emotional subscale may have concurrent validity with temperamental inhibition screen. Secondary outcome (impact on externalising/conduct problems).
Anxiety diagnoses Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV, Child Version, Parent Interview Schedule (ADIS-CP-IV) [55] 1 & 2 years   Primary outcome. Conducted by telephone interview.
Internalising problems Children's Moods, Fears and Worries Questionnaire [1] 1 & 2 years 34-38 Primary outcome. Detailed measure of internalising symptoms (anxious, fearful, withdrawn, depressive) in young children.
Anxiety problems Preschool Anxiety Scale - Revised (PAS-R)[56] 1 & 2 years 28 Primary outcome. Detailed measure of anxiety symptoms in young children. Sensitive to intervention in Cool Little Kids efficacy trial.
Parent measures     
Parenting practices Parent Behavior Checklist (nurturing, harsh discipline) [57]
Over-involved/protective parenting [10, 35]
1 & 2 years
Secondary outcome (intervention mechanism for impacting on child).
Mental health Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale [58] Baseline
1 & 2 years
21 Secondary outcome (impact on parent wellbeing).
Wellbeing SF-12 [59] Baseline 12 Secondary outcome (economics measure).
  Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL-8D) [49] 1 & 2 years 35 Secondary outcome (economics measure).
Intervention 'process' measures     
Fidelity Group sessions content checklists, rated by facilitator and researcher 6 month appraisal 6-8 Secondary outcome (integrity of intervention delivery). Adapted for this study.
Acceptability to parents Perceptions of screening process
Perceptions of group sessions
content, group facilitator
6 month appraisal 4
Secondary outcome (implications for translation/dissemination uptake by families). Adapted for this study.
Cost-effectiveness Child and adult health service use 1 & 2 years 6 Secondary outcome (for policy/decision makers considering translation/dissemination). Generated for this study.