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Table 1 Non-pharmaceutical intervention methods used in Barbados’ response to H1N1

From: Response to the challenges of pandemic H1N1 in a small island state: the Barbadian experience

   Used in Barbados
Non-pharmaceutical Intervention Recommended for Use Early localized Advanced
Human Surveillance    
Case reporting Yes Yes Yes
Early rapid viral diagnosis Yes No No
Disinfection No No No
Hand Hygiene Yes Yes Yes
Respiratory etiquette Yes Yes Yes
Surgical and N95 Masks for general public Inconclusive Yes Yes
Other personal protective equipment No Yes No
Screening of travellers from affected international region Inconclusive Yes No
Patient Management    
Isolation of sick individuals Yes Yes Yes
Provision of social support services to the isolated Yes Yes No
Contact Management    
Quarantine Inconclusive No No
Contact tracing Inconclusive Yes No
Community Restrictions    
School Closures No No Yes
Workplace closures No No No
Cancellation of group events No No No
International and domestic travel restrictions No No No