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Table 2 Appraisal of evidence sources

From: Facilitating access to pre-processed research evidence in public health

Level and Type Explicit Screening Process Explicit & Rigorous Criteria for Assessing Quality, Summarizing, & Synthesizing Multiple Independent Reviewers Currency of the Site Content Easy to Determine
Summaries Clinical Practice Guidelines NGC   
Site updated weekly, reviews current to within 5 years
every 3 years minimum
   NICE unclear
   CMA Infobase  
Reviews current to within 5 years
Detail lacking regarding summarization and synthesis process
every 3 years
   Towards Optimized Practice     
  Electronic Textbooks Clinical Evidence Not clear; updating schedule varies by review
   UpToDate    Reviews are revised as important new information is published.
Synopses of syntheses   DARE
lacking in details on synthesis and summary

updated weekly
   Health Evidence unclear
   CDC   unclear
   Abstraction journals weekly
   EPPI-Centre Quarterly
Syntheses   AHRQ EPC unclear
   NICE unclear
   Cochrane Every two years
   C2 Unclear
   CRD unclear
   PubMed Clinical Queries NA NA NA
   EPPI-Centre quarterly
Synopses of single studies   Abstraction journals  
Studies   McMaster Knowledge refinery weekly
   PubMed Clinical Queries NA NA NA
   Bibliographic databases