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Table 3 Themes Related to Contextual Influences on Lead Agency, Leadership and Staffing Selection

From: How does community context influence coalitions in the formation stage? a multiple case study based on the Community Coalition Action Theory

Coalition Factor and Related Themes History of Collaboration Community Politics and History Community Norms and Values Community Demographics and Economic Conditions Geography
Lead Agency      
Organizations that served as the lead agency in similar projects in the past tend to remain as lead agencies for new projects. X     
Leadership and Staffing      
Individuals who have served as staff and/or leaders in similar past projects tend to remain in those positions in new initiatives. X     
Community diversity can affect who is selected as staff when needed skill sets include cultural competence and language abilities.     X  
Rural areas with small populations may have a limited pool of people with the skills needed to effectively staff a collaborative initiative.      X
The lack of agency professionals in rural areas can necessitate greater volunteer involvement in coalition staff and leadership roles.      X