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Table 1 Relevant* interview guide questions

From: Public, private and personal: Qualitative research on policymakers' opinions on smokefree interventions to protect children in 'private' spaces

1) Your professional background
   • How long have you been involved in public policy processes?
   • Can you tell me about what that role involved?
2) Your opinion of the role of the government in health policies
   • What should be the government's role in promoting healthy living?
3) Your views on adult smoking in general (both in the presence of children under 16 and elsewhere)
   • What are your ideas on the relative rights of adults and children under 16, in regard to smoking around children?
4) Your ideas on some smokefree policies
   • In general what sort of places that are not smokefree in NZ do you think should be smokefree?
   • Do you know of anywhere where smoking in these types of places such as cars, parks or playgrounds or streets has been banned?
   • IF NOT ALREADY COVERED. What is your view on policies that would ban smoking in: cars, parks and playgrounds, or streets around shopping areas, where there are children under 16?
5) A few final questions
   • Where would you place yourself in a left-right ideology scale: Far left, left, centre left, centre, centre right, right or far right?
   • Generally, do you think the level of government regulation of the private sector is too little, too much, or about right?
   • What has been your personal experience of smoking and its effects?
   • Is there anything else you would like to add, or issues you think we should cover?
   • Are there other people you think we should talk to, or documents we should look at for this study?
  1. * Only questions relevant to this article are given here